(Verse 1)
Late at night I close my eyes
Still see your face in the moonlight
Darkest house coming round
Broken dreams, no more daylight

(Verse 2)
In the shadows I see a silhouette
Of your soul moving before me
I hear the voices deep inside
They tell me things I can?t believe

So I look through the tears in my eyes
To the stars up in the sky

(Verse 3)
All the memories rushing through my mind
Send chills that wrap around my soul
I feel the breeze of autumn air, as I sit here all alone

(Verse 4)
If the hands of time could be turned back
I?d never let you go
I?d let you slip so far away
How I?ll never know


Your always in my heart
Your always in my mind
Darkest hours hare and I close my eyes
Memories of you have passed me by


(Verse 5)
The darkest hour has arrived
The tears are hear to stay
No matter how hard I try
The pain will never go away


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Thanks Loudmurder. My band just got done recording this song and, right now we are just putting the finishing touchs on it. I should have it up on here soon but, I don't know a good place to upload it. What would someone suggest?
i like it too. especially the last line of verse 5. sounds a little dramatic like own texts^^
i think there`s a little mistake in the last line of verse 2
Thanks for pointing out that mistake.

What's a good place to upload a song so, I can post it on here?