i broke my high e string
so i decided to just replace the whole set
i havent changed em since i bought the guitar
so its been 8 months and they need a change
what are good strings?
cuz ive only stuck around with my stock strings that there were when i bought my Epi SG
My friend said he like Elixir Polyweb or the DR Black Beauties
but idk anything about strings and i dont have the money to keep buying and saying i dont like em
please help..thanks alot!
I use GHS Boomers, .011 gauge, and they're really quite versatile. I can play anything from Metallica to the Smiths on them and it sounds great. But if you do a lot of string bending, I would go for the .009 or .010 gauge.
I wouldnt go for 0.9 gauge... They dont stay in tune and you have to tune them all the time... The lowest gauge you should play is 0.10... I really dont think what strings you use has that much to say but I use Ernie Ball Slinky strings. I think their great ! And if you read at the back of the stringpack you would be surprised to see how many of the great artists that uses them...
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How come some strings are really cheap (example Ernie Ball)
i want one that will last me long (but not eight months again)
ill make sure to change it like every 2-3 months or so
i want one that wont break easily
nice sounding
Well, DR's do last a long time and sound good.

I've never used Ernie Ball's though, so they may be great as well.
I would definitely get .010's