so im going to make a pedalboard and i'd like to know what a good size for it would be. is 24"x12" big enough?

depends on what pedals you have and how many you have.
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five or six of what?

if they're all boss style pedals then its pretty simple, but what about wahs or large effects.
well, did you see if your pedals fit on it? i got 5 pedals and my board is roughly 38x14, but i got some big pedals. 24x12 could be a good size if your pedals fit and you're not planning on changing the pedals on the board. i guess having a bit of room for your power bar is good too.
Work it out for yourself.

Also, make room for more pedals if you're planning on getting more.
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its not only the size but your layout.

i have 3 peadls but will be buying and modding more so i made a 2' x 18" board and doubled the usable area but making the back end of it angle up


ill never use that many but it should be able to fit about 16 boss pedals