OK, before you start having a go, I do listen to metal, not Bullet for My Valentine or whatever, but I just thought this was a good place to get a decent recommendation from someone who doesnt think greenday is metal (some of my friends do!!) anyway, Im mostly into stuff like Opeth and doom like anathema and my dying bride, but I also really love cradle of filth. Only problem is I cant take how commercial their music is becoming and I wondered if anyone knew of any similar band without the narcissistic image obsession and desire to be on top of the pops... kk, thanks
Sorry dude, gonna be a bit immature here, but if my thread like this got closed yours should too.

Otherwise, don't know too much about that genre, so I'm sorry.

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Is it really that hard? Just take a peak at the stickies before you post a thread in a forum you've never been too.
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