Anyone else here big Alan Jackson fans?
I'm heading out to buy his greatest hits CD, and i'm looking forward to it.

Video for "5 o'clock somewhere" with Jimmy Buffet.
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You make me feel
Like a dog, you can see, my emotions
Is this for real, i'm a man
Sinking deep, in the ocean
Funny you should ask this....
I am a huge C&W fan, but Alan Jackson...well, what should I say. A bit too much on the cheap sentiments, all aimed at radio time, record sales and filling stadiums with rural house wives going 'aaaaah Alan Jacksoooooon!!!!'
Well, that's what I thought when I bought exactly the same Greatest Hits CD you are talking about. I was looking for something that would be instantly recognizable as the music one would hear playing in the background of some typical Mid Western truck stop, and I thought there were some tracks on that CD that could serve as good material for study. So I took this CD home and put it in the player, only to leave it there with the button on 'replay ad infinitum' for the next two weeks.
Cheap sentiments? Oh yes, quite unbearable sometimes. That 'Where were you' track is downright Horrible; the passage 'I know Jesus and I talk to God' giving me the creeps, even though I am a religious guy myself.
But then, on the other hand, there is that song called 'Daddy let me drive' that brings up fond memories of my own childhood every time I hear it. And 'Night time in Montgomery' directly strikes sad feelings I have over a friend of my own. Cheap alright, but maybe some of my own sentiments are not that expensive after all. Or maybe it is that some of A.J.'s lyrics really are good.
But the most of all it's the band that makes Alan Jackson very well worth listening to. All very fine musicians who know their trade well. Especially Brent Mason must be recognized as one of the best country guitarists of our days. He's just incredible.
I like Alan Jackson. Not my favorite Country singer but I recommend the CD.
J. L.
I fetched the CD I was talking about (and of course put it in the drive) so now I know I have to correct myself on some points.
It's 'The Very Best of Alan Jackson' I have, not 'Greatest Hits' and the song that makes me happy is called 'Drive (for daddy Gene)' and the one that makes me cry is called 'Midnight in Montgomery'.
No big deal; just to make sure you'll know where I'am talking about.

And now I have the CD on, there is one other thing that strikes me; all these songs are so catchy and in an easy key, just made for to sing along with. Right now I'm singing 'poooooooor me something tall and strong', what brings me to another point; if it is half past twelve in one place, no way it can be five o'clock anywhere else.