I need to get new equipment, a guitar and a new amp. I dont what i should get first. Could you guys give me some pointers on what i should get first?

If you say guitar give me a tip on what type of guitar.
If you say amp give me a tip on what type of amp.

I dont have too much money so I want to keep the price under 1000 bucks.
well what guitar and amp do you have currently, which one are you the most happy with?
you actually get both for under a thousnad bucks if you look into it. Are you looking for a practice amp or halfstack? But if I were to choose I would go with amp then guitar.
i have a squire strat pack. it comes with this little 15watt. i like them both but i need better,1 because im in a band and need big sound, and 2 the guitar is just a piece of crap know that i have had it for a while
try a hot rod deville (fender) for the amp and if there is enought left over a mim strat
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my friend has that pack and the amp with it sounds like crap so i would get a new amp first, but like dj says you can get both for under 1000 bucks
An Epiphone SG G400 Vintage for 300 bucks in cherry red are sweet, i got one. Might want to change the pickups but you'll be fine w/ the stock for a while. Plus then you have 700 for the amp.
Amp first.
What style of music do you play?

For blues/classic rock maybe Peavey Classic 30. Fender Hot Rod. Vox AC15. etc. etc. You'll probably wanna get a midrange valve amp for that budget.

Edit: Sorry my posts a little late. Just buy a good tube amp and get a decent OD pedal.
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Thats also a good guitar my friend has one and they are really fun to playaround with. Theyre 400 right?
Im not sure about half stacks as I only have a Roland Cube 30. But a Cube 60 - 60 watt are pretty loud as well even thought theyre not a half stack.
If youre playing gigs and stuff with your band, you should try and find a tube amp or something that can carry club size gigs no problem. Ive got a Fender DeVille 4x10 and its amazing. It always sounds great, even with heavy distortion. As for a guitar, I've got an Epiphone LP Standard with Duncan p-ups, and I love my setup. Just look for a higher end epiphone, any fender, or a decent ibanez for a versatile, nicely priced guitar. in the end though, it comes down to what you want.
Schecters are pretty nice. Good for the money.
But you'll want quite a decent chunk of your money towards the amp.
Maybe try get a second hand Marshall JCM800 head . And a cheap cab from somewhere. Or some kind of mesa.
I dont know...most crate speakers are s*** though. REad the reviews on it and see what you think
Wouldn't reccomend the crate. It's a solid state. You could get a way better sounding amp for that price. 120 watts is way too much.
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Do you think a Crate halfstack would be good (its only 500 bucks)

You don't need a halfstack. Just get a nice tube combo. I've played many Fender Tube 212s that are WAY louder than solid state half-stacks.
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On ebay i found a JCM800 head with a crate cab for 500$, is that a good deal?

This one right? Reserve isn't met yet. It'll go for way more than that.

Edit try out the JCM900s too. They aren't as good as the 800s but they're alot better than a crate.
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You're not going to get a decent tube amp at this price range, which is why I've suggested solid state. You're also getting a high quality guitar - My guitar is pretty much the same, and it can do metalcore very well. Ditto for the amp.


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It's a mid gain wonder, not very versatile, IMO.
Personally. I couldn't stand it. I think it's an acquired taste to be honest. But there's alot of people who love them.
I'd seriously recommend trying it out in a store somewhere if you like the look of it.
ok for 1000 i suggest a Peavey 5150 combo off of ebay can usually get them for around 500 to 700 dollars then look into a Schecter guitar seems right up your alley
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Amazing metal setup for around 900.
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i have a squire strat pack. it comes with this little 15watt. i like them both but i need better,1 because im in a band and need big sound, and 2 the guitar is just a piece of crap know that i have had it for a while

Okay this is a set intended for beginning guitars
I think you should get the Schecter omen 6 then a used marshall amp with about the 700 dollars. The amp will last you for years and years to come. And then you have a much better guitar too.