I have a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe and I've been thinking about getting more speakers somehow... Initially I wanted to get another amp and send the Line out from the Hot Rod to the other amp's input, but this seems a little unneccesary.
Is there a way I could get a cab of some kind and send the line out to it? or hook it up to the output for the speakers somehow? I'd rather just get more speakers somehow instead of sending the signal through a whole preamp and everything again. . . Any suggestions are welcome. [The Hot Rod Deluxe is 40w tube.]

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Have you heard about my baby? Yes, how I love her, you don't know.
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just get a cab and send a line out either from the (line out) or the head phones jack. should work good either way
if it has an extension jack for a cab than you can add one. otherwise not.
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If you've got a speaker out jack, it'll work fine as long as you match impedences.

If not, you can disconnect the speakers somehow and connect the cable for the cab, but I'm not all too familiar about this.
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