Where should you place your thumb when you solo. when i try to solo i noticed that my thumb usually rest at the top of my neck. Is it better to keep it there or keep it at the back of the neck.

I keep my thumb on the back of the neck and I've heard that is what is best. The only time I rest it on top of the neck is when I'm playing a lsower solo with a lot of vibrato because that helps you do it easier. I watched a lesson with Zakk Wylde and he recommended when you're doing a lot of vibrato to hang your thumb over if it feels right.
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It depends. If you're playing blues, it's better to keep it on the top of the neck to aid with bending and such. If you're playing anything fast (particularly shred), then it should be on the back of the neck.
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Everybody has there own style. When i solo my thumb is wrapped around the back of the neck where ever my fretting hand is and my pinky on my picking hand is resting on the pick up gaurd of the bridge humbucker. Pretty Weird, huh?
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Every time I solo I don't really change my thumb position. Some people say to keep it at the bottom of the neck but I just found that all too painful. I just keep it on the very side of the neck so it isn't resting on the low e string but not really on the bottom side of the neck. I don't know if it's technically right, but it works for me.
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yea id say it would be better to put your thumb behind if you shred and use multiple notes per string. the only time i ever put my thumb that way though is when i play barre chords. i think it depepnds more on the type of scales you use. people like SRV could play really fast and keep his thumb on top but he also didnt play a lot of complicated scales.
Well, putting your thumb over the neck suits playing "Blusey" stuff around the 12th fret and higher. Also, it's more of a relaxing approach. Playing certain licks that have a fret span of say, 2 or 3 frets is a lot easier to play with ur thumb over the neck.

Pressing ur thumb against the back of the neck seems better for playing wide-stretch stuff such as from the 3rd-5th frets (or possibly 5-6-fret stretches on higher fret registers) OR legato stuff because u usually need a pivot point of some kind.

However, some guitar necks are different (of course):

Some necks are very wide and make playing with ur thumb over the back very difficult or almost impossible.
Other necks are very narrow & thin, which tends to make u wanna play with ur thumb over the neck, even at lower fret positions.

In the end, it's up to u.
Play what feels more comfortable for ur style & hands. Forcing urself to play in a manner that's uncomfortable is not worth ur time and can actually damage the nerves in ur hands & wrists. So take ur time to familiarize urself with the different styles, but ultimately play what YOU feel is right.
SRV, Hendrix, Page, Van Halen, many others, all used the "traditional" (blues) position (thumb on back of neck).

Dimebag OTOH used thumb on back of neck.
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SRV, Hendrix, Page, Van Halen, many others, all used the "traditional" (blues) position (thumb on back of neck).

Dimebag OTOH used thumb on back of neck.

Traditional blues of Hendrix, SRV, Page is thumb looping or clamping the neck. Hendrix rarely used bar chords because with his large hands his thumb would easily loop over and clamp the E string. http://youtube.com/watch?v=Vsh7GxzxPSs&search=jimi
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