So, i have recently brought a Digitech Synth Wah pedal, and i know quite a few of you on here have one. So i was wandering what settings you have it. I have experimented and found that i can get a slightly Fuzz Wah if i got it right and Octave, but im struggling to get a decent Envelope filter Sound, which is the whole reason why i brought it.

Im very pissed off cos digitech put 7 pedals in 1, which is gay cos i wanna use more than one effect in a song, is there anyway in get this to work other than struggeling around on the floor, or getting some else to do Via mixer??
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lol, then why the hell did you buy it? if you wanted the different effects you should have bought them instead. and to your question, no i dont think you can use more than one effect per song.
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