Well, as the title said, i replaced the neck on my dime with a neck from a jackson, it came from a guitar with a floyd rose, so it has locking nuts. the tuning on this thing is rock solid. and im gunna replace the pickups and put all new electronics in it too. Im thinking of painting it in the near future, maybe have someone carve lightning into it like on dime's green dimebolt(from the lost lesson), at that point ill probably sharpen the corners, and paint it either blue, or green like dime's.

like it?
thats actually really nice.
why isnt it in your sig?
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What was the scale length of the jackson, and dime before hand? Are they the same, if not, your inotation will be way off?
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very nice dimes dont usually have 24 frets well now yours does cool

unless I'm mistaken it only has 22 frets.

but still, it looks cool.
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Looks awesome. But don't sharpen the corners, looks better like this IMO.

Were you thinking of doing some thunderbolt-esque paintjob?
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yeah, i was thinking of carving the lightning bolts into the wood, and just hitting it with one color, or something like that/
The carving idea would be sweet, itd be cool to make an original design since you changed up the neck too, but the dimebolt would be kickass too
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neone have any suggestions on paint/pickups? im willing to put some crazy ass electronic set up too if someone comes up with one