I am looking for soom advice about muting.My problem is when I play fast riffs the strings eventually start to ring out. I reciently learned how to sweep on the bass and it rings out with that a lot too. If any one has any tips or techniques on how to mute better and prevent ringing out please post.Thanks
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Yeah, but you;re going to hate me for this ! Slow right down, and i mean SLOW, like mind-numbingly slow. I bet when you do it slowly, you can mute, right? I would say your situation is the product of not building up slowly from a snails pace.. This is the only way. So, take it back to basics, 60bpm, and get faster every session until you are back to your speed but clean with muting.
Muting is a technque to master, it's not a right ! Many neglect muting in practice..