gettin a boss ds-2 and want to get a footswitch for the turbo mode thing it has. it recommends getting a latched f/s but ive heard they NEED batteries, is this true, and if so, can i not just get an unlatched footswitch? cheers
Before you buy... are you going to be swithching between both modes a lot?
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Yep, the only latched footswitches I have seen need batteries. I would go with the one they recommend the Boss FS-5L footswitch. It runs off a couple of double A batteries.

Since a new boss FS-5L is going to cost you about 30 bucks including shipping I would save another 15 bucks and grab a DS-1 off ebay. A second pedal is going to give you more tonal variation - (I mean as long as your going to have to change batteries you might as well change them in a pedal that can do more than what you could do with your fingers between songs). That is what I would do... but you might be able to sneak a FS-5L off ebay too and that would be cheaper and then you would have the footswitch you wanted.

Good Luck
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