ello my name is MatE im an active musician playing in a band, i own :
B.C. Rich Warlock Custom
Yamaha eg 112 (basically a cheap strat)
Epiphone les paul studio

i need help findign a new instrument to solo on I play alot of lead riffs so i want a pretty thin neck with low frets, and something that sounds and plays well. im looking in the 70 to 200 dollar range , but im not quite sure what to buy. my style is most like older avenged sevenfold trivium dragonforce you know the whole endless solo stuff , so i ned some advice what should i buy? ive been looking at a few shecter models but at this point im undecided think you could help me out?
$70 to $200 price range?

Don't commit yourself yet, save for a while, get yourself something nice. You've got three mid-range guitars, save up a grand and buy yourself your dream guitar.
Dean V maybe. that would go for about $250 for the cheap ones. I'm getting a Jackson DKMG next but that would be about $750.
Yea save up and get a reall LP.
Is the Epiphone LP beat up or something wrong with it?? Spend like $300 and get a set of Burkbuster Pro's for it if its in good shape!
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But not to be an ass, I'll try and help you out.
70-200 bucks won't really get you anything too nice. I'd suggest something wicked like an Ibanez Destroyer or Jackson King V or something, but definitely not until you've saved up the money.
cool thanx everyone like i said i wanted something slim with smaller frets for some of my fast chording and arpeggios, but seriously what do you think of some of the shecter models?
Ibanez RG321 perhaps. You could probably get one used for fairly cheap
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oh my friends brother has a shecter..its alrite i guess pretty good guitar for about 250-300$
Get a 2nd hand made in japan ibanez (prestige), or an 80's made in japan squier strat and mod it up, don't buy a new guitar, unless you can afford a USA Fender.

Anyway, thats my opinion.. play some guitars and get what you want (although 2nd hand is a great money saver)
For a nice soloing fretboard, Jacksons kick ass. You might just be able to track down a JS30 Jackson for under $200, but when you've got an Epiphone LP to play around with, why settle for that? The Epiphone will keep you going until you can buy that monster axe - or at least a $400 one.

Have you considered trading in any of your current rig? If you buy an Ibanez, Jackson or Washburn Dime guitar, it may well be that your B C Rich beomes redundant, but if you're not too attached to it it might be able to lend a hundred or two dollars to your axe fund.

Schecter I don't know too much about, but some of the £400-ish models (don't know what that is in US$ ) sound pretty sweet, I'm not sure whether their entry-level gear is worth it.
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save up another 150-200 bucks and buy an esp ltd ax50. if you like the shapes of the bc rich but dont want 2 compromise tone, get one, they re the best
everything else is just details