Ok, I´ve been playing since a year now and I decided to record some stuff. The songs are all acoustic with vocals. I made a few mistakes here and there, but I hope you still like it.


If you don´t wanna listen to all three, just listen to Blackbird.
I listened to blackbird and it was good. You sound like a teenage John Lennon. Make the recording a little louder though.

did you know the major scale on a piano, starting at whatever note (lets say E). you just go straight up the white keys without hitting a black one. and you got the major scale.

Your cover of blackbird is simply amazing, really. You sing very well, and the fingerpicking is good too. It's true that your voice is similar to John Lennon's. I'll listen to the two Nirvana cover if I have some time. Keep rockin man
Thanks a lot guys, you made my day. I´ll upload a louder version and some new songs later.