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ok so i have this song that im writing, im having a little trouble doing the chorus, so i thought i would post the first two verses i came up with here, and ask for your help. the song is a slow kinda love songish type, its acoustic, and its in the key of g(i think)
here goes:

sittin out on the back porch, guitar in my hand
wonderin to myself bout the things in life, that never seem to go as planned
but the main thing on my mind is, oooohhhhhhh
how you make me feel...

theres clouds overhead and i look around, and the rain's startted to fall
and i look up in the sky and i think to myself, someone's giving me a wake-up-call
but you're still there in my mind, and oohhhhhh
how it makes me feel.

so thats the first to verses i came up with, if you really wanted to know, the chords for the verse are: G C G C D C G, theres a lot of palm mutting that i do. so thats something else too,
thanks in advance for the help
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I like it alot. Of course it needs to be longer but so far it's great. I actually think the second verse should be the chorus. It sums the feeling up all at once. Would be a great acoustic song. Great job. Keep it up.
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Ohh, you make me feel quite glad to have you in my life
And want you to stay here with me
Where we will be together
This is how you make me feel
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unfortunately, i can't get rid of the poll, so if a mod comes in and reads this, im sorry about the poll, i didnt know that you cant post them (yes i know i should have read the rules) anyways, thanks for the feedback so quickly, i like the idea of the second verse as the chorus, but then the only thing that separates it from the rest of the song is that its repeated, and im ok with that, its just i always think of the chorus as something that sounds different to the listener, thanks for the advice tho, if you come up with anything else, please post it
ok changed my mind, really like the idea of the second verse as the chourus, now all i need to do is think of more verses, maybe a bridge...thanks, i'll keep posting the lyrics here
ok new verse:
i close my eyes and i think of you, and the last time i looked in your eyes
and i remember how i felt when i held u, and i felt like i could fly
and i shiver to myself as i remember
ohhhh, how you make me feel
sounds preaty good. didnt notice that its acustic. im guessing these are open.

Note:im a bridge *****, so i sugest an E and A for good measure
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ur chorus was good too, but i realized that i would rather just leave it the way it is, cause it just flows that way, but thanks for the contribution
its good, i like the words and i can imagine that it goes well with the music
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