Hey i was wondering if i was to put Ernie Ball Hybrid Slinky 9-46 strings on my Floyd would i have to adjust the springs in the back? My guitar is set up with 9-42 strings but because the 9-46 isnt much of a different, i dont think it will screw up my guitar but i wanted to know from you guys at UG if it is a wise thing to do

Cheers Cjb Scotland
Yeah, I done the same thing with an Ibanez RG and had to, its not a hard adjustment though, just at one side mainly.
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no you wont have to i shouldnt think unless it is extremely sensitive (the FR), you wont screw it up even if you did have to tighten the springs. Post back if you have any problems

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If you have a problem, PM me. I own an Ibanez with a Floyd, and I've read so many articles and FAQs, it's scary. I also know about some things that nobody that owns an Ibanez with a floyd ever pays attention to!
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Ibanez standard factory settings strung theirs with 9-42s. I myself changed it to 9-46 and you have to adjust the springs at the back. It as simple as re-tuning back ur floating system thats all. You do know how to tune floyd roses right? If you want more precise you can measure the intonation too.

Another tip to re-stringing floyd rose type bridge, replace it 1 by one and not all at once. If you're curious on how to do it, look into this vid
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