Okay, this is the 3rd time over the last 3 years that this song has been posted on the UG Forums. The first time, was an acoustic recording, with poor performances. The Second was an acoustic recording, with okay performances, but slightly better quality. This time you get the studio quality recording. Crit for Crit, but I'll only have computer access today, so please hurry if you want me to crit yours. Thanks, Russ.

That a hella cool song and it sounds nice. The singing is a little weak. he's got a better voice than most bands i've heard on this site but get him some singing lessons and you should be good. Bad ass guitar solo by the way. Damn nice job
Thanks man. I listened to it through Purevolume, and I think whole song sounds weaker than the one I have on CD. The song sounds deeper on CD than through PV. Not lower, note wise, but tone wise its a little bassier.