Has anybody come across a band called The Answer and their debut album 'Rise'. I have to say this is some of the best music ive come across for along time. You can check out their entire album at www.theanswer.ie in the media section. I was rather tempted to put this post in the classic rock section as the music is very led zep, ac/dc, black crowes, and black sabbath -esque. They are a 4 peice pand from ireland.

Check out the site and their music. Some highlights would be Memphis water, be what you want.
sounds like these guys fall into the new catagory of 'Hipster Rock'
bands like Wolfmother is one example
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yes this band are amazing
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I've been recommended this band by a friend, and have just listened to their BBC Session, available for free on their website. They sound awesome, much like later Led Zep inparticular, and off the back of this have just bought tkts to see them at The Mean Fiddler in November. Roadstar are supporting too, they kick arse.