I want to buy one, but I can't decide which one to get..


I was kind of looking into this one, but none of the guitar places nearby know much about it..

If you know anything about this pedal please tell me, or make recommendations to others I suppose.
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I would think any sort of Ross clone would be your best bet, as the Ross is the supposed holy grail of compression pedals.
This is a pretty new compressor. It sound like it could be cool. What kind of compression are you looking for... almost squashed really compressed extremely light compression?

Are you looking to even out your sound or just get some sustain?

If you want squished compression I would go with boss's Compressor - personally I am not a fan of heavy compression.

I love light compression, sustain and balance in my sound... I love my barber tone press for that.

But aside from Keeley's compressor, Barber's, Boss's, and MXR Dynacomp I don't know much about how germanium diodes or the TS4558 IC is going to affect your tone. Typically in compression headroom is important so I usually don't see germanium diodes but maybe it is a new design or something.

Good Luck
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I'm looking for something with quality and variety, if I have to buy two different pedals to get the variety, I'd go for something with a light compression type of thing.
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the EHX White Finger sounds like it would be good..

any other recommendations?
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Alesis 3630 great compressor Rack mount though i dont know if you would want to get it
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MXR compressor, very much used and very simple, hadn't had the chance to try it myself though!
this line6 compressor looks good. Also has a built in noise gate and people say line6 make really good pedals.
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