i just bought a guitar but i dont have an amp, so i was wondering if u guys knew of some good guitar amp simulators that i could use on my pc while i get an amp, i tried running Amplitube light but i couldnt get it going, well thx in advance
Have you ever tried Guitar Rig2 (by Native Instruments)?
It's fantastic, its possibilities are endless....absolutely amazing.
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i just looked up guitar rig 2...its too expensive for just getting a guitar.

Try Audacity. (theres also a sticky thred in riffs and recording regarding this stuff)
i dont whant to record and edith and overlay and any of that, i just need a simple and effective amp for PC
hmm....i think line 6 has something, but thats hardware...with software....but it costs money...And im sure at this point you'd want something free til later.

Well, i have no clue. I would still check out that sticky in this thread, see what you can find out. Try asking this there.
i read about something called amplitude under the recording software thread....its a simulated amp..but it costs ~200, but then again, i might have been looking at the best one. (looked it up at musiciansfriend.com)