I have Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain. It's a good album.
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I meant caveman as in long haired....

I was really into them for awhile, then one day I just lost the urge to listen to them at all. I agree Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain is a good album; much better than Slanted & Enchanted.
i'm a fan. they're wicked fun to listen to when you're in that sort of mood.

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I enjoy pavement.
Mainly when I'm in a lo-fi sort of mood, listening to Sebadoh and the silver jews etc at the same time.
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I love Pavement. Nice to see some fellow fans. I think Crooked... is better than Slanted... too.
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i've been listening to terror twilight lately, and i've been meaning to pick up wowee zowee.
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i like slanted because it's so lofi. I mean, crooked rain is easily a better album.. but I like slanted more--especially the material from the watery,domestic sessions.

Pavement can't seem to fail to put me in a good mood and I appreciate them for that lately.