howdy, i have a cheap gibson guitar(called an epoch) with a decent neck on it... last night i got bored and decided to chip off paint on the top of the headstock. it's actually a nice looking neck, maple i believe. i was wondering if i should just chip off all the paint and just sand the back of the neck a wee bit so it would be a nice smooth maple finish. with a coat of linseed oil or something that will seal the neck of course. but, there is more... the body is black with creme binding, pick up rings, and the like, i just don't know how it would look. *using my imagination to see what it would be like* hmmm... mabye the body should be painted a lighter color too...

oh yeah, it's a bolt on neck too.
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i'd say go for it, besides worst come to worst you can jsut paint it agian, it's a bolt on
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im not sure how the maple in combination with the blakc would look...but as seek & destroy says, you can always paint it again...btw an all wood grain lp would be the sh*t
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^^ yeah gibson already makes those. its called a gibson lp raw. they used to come equipped with emgs. but i dont know now, but they do look pretty sweet.

but threadstarter, be careful those Epochs are plywood on the body
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yeah, i know it's got the ply bod, so i think i might go for it. mabye i'll paint the body like light blue or florescent green... also, i'm thinking about selling some stuff for a nicer guitar, so this will be like a project guitar for me.