Hey. Anybody got any suggestions to get a kind of dancey bloc partyish sound going on for guitar? All the bleeps and that, I'm an okish guitarist who happens to be new to effects and is interested in dabbling. I've been told to try line6 fm4 or boss bass synth. Any help appreciated, cheers, Mike
If you're looking for some nice trippy, spacy, delay filled sound, try a pitch shifte. I've got a Boss PS-3 and it's a space rocker's dream.
You're looking for the trippy stuff, eh? Here's my go-to effects for trippy sounds:

Line 6 FM-4
Boss Bass Synth
EH Q-Tron
Boss DD-3 or DD-6
Line 6 DL-4
Digitech Whammy
Boss PH-3
Boss BF-3

Basically, any combination of synth/modulation and delay will do the trick.
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Get an effects processor, like a digitech or something, I think theres a boss one, and some other companies make them, some of them go cheap, and you have a wide range of effects, spacey, trippy, weird, shocking, whatever you want.

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