i have an ibanez RG770DX.
Floyd Rose trem,
locking tuners,
Wizard II thin neck
IBZUSA pickups (2 humbuckers 1 single coil - 5 pickup setup)
i bought it from a local pawn shop for 575$ used.

my questions:
1. IBZUSA pickups: are they the factory pickups for this guitar? or did somebody mod them slightly? my guess was that they are factory because of the IBZ meaning maybe ibanez. they are labelled:
neck humbucker: IBZUSA F4
single coil: IBZUSA C3
bridge humbucker: IBZUSA F2

2. I was told once that the 770DX is not manufactured anymore. is this correct? i searched for it but i couldnt find anything.

help me out if you can... or just comment on my guitar, not my stupidity.
i was a sucker for the feel and sound of the guitar. i do not play metal music, more progressive and ambient styles.
Not a clue, companies like Ibanez do that all the time though, when a line has been in production for a while they'll withdraw it and bring in something newer and a bit more up to date. Could be for any reason, eg/price cuts leading to a change of spec, etc.
^ Your an idiot, 770's sell for 500$+ on ebay all the time.

770s are the best RG line imo, (non prestige) ... Yes they were discontinued....

Your guitar should have matching inlays, possibly a matching head stock.... The stock Edge trem is the best in the business, and the original older ibanez USA pickups are excellent.

Good find, 770s are getting rarer and rarer, how well of condition is it....

I think they were only in production less than 5 years but dont quote me.
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