Hi, i have an Epiphone G-400 and for a while now the volume/tone controls have been crackling, cutting out or not doing anything at all to change my sound.Instead of just replacing the pots and wires, i was thinking about using Jimmy Pages wiring setup, following the diagrams found here and here (scroll down a bit for the second one).I think it would be interesting to get more sounds out of the guitar, as i prefer open coils or single coils than humbuckers (They are factory standard Gibson Alnico's atm).Is this a good way? Just bought the push pull pots off ebay so itl be a few days before they arrive, any tips or anything else i should now? I 've only really had a few fixes/slight modifications to do on it such as a volume calibrator (to solve the crackling/cutting out) and a passive overdrive unit (for a laugh), I believe push pull pots are a bit trickier? Any help at all would be welcome,especially if youve done something like this before before
up the bracket
Two problems with your stock pickups..

1. They're two conductor, so they can't be split, unless you make them four conductor (I think That_Pink_Queen had a tutorial somewhere on here).

2. They're chrome covered, but they're easy to remove.
These go to eleven...