Ok for starters i have been doin some landscaping for some money for some new equiptment i was was lookin online at the boss me 50 and the digitech gnx3000 and i viewed the demos on their sites and the boss has effects that i really like such as the harmonist sounds like boston and the reverse echo is realy cool ofcourse illl have to play both but i have a couple of questions i have 2 amps one is a guitar research 60 watt and one is an old fender jam that someone gave me i think its 75 watts with pedals like these do u run them through a clean channel? the guitat research amp has two channels channell 1 and channel 2 which is tube both of them have a gain nob so i guess there really isnt a clean channel the fender amp has two clean channels bright and full how would i run one of these pedals which one is better and why please help thanks
The GNX3000 is a good unit, although I personally prefer the Line 6 PODxtLive. The best way if you want to make use of a multi's amp-modeling capabilities is to go into your amp's FX-loop-in, bypassing the amp's preamp section. If you don't have a line-in, then try to set up the cleanest sound you can on the amp, with the EQ set as evenly (usually all EQ knobs around 12 oclock on most amps) as possible. This site has a wealth of info about multi's and how to use them:

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