The Doctor he walks up the path
And as the world drifts by, he lets out a laugh
Because he knows what he must say will ruin his day
So he laughs as his dreams lift away

The girl was worse than before
14 years and shes bed ridden and poor
Doesnt know her ma doesnt know the truth
But her dad never wants her to

When all life is
a memory of this
Why suffer forever
When theres no more bliss

The Doctor he takes a seat
Lets out a sigh, a longing for relief
But he checks her out and as he had thought
These are the last moments before shes gone

The father he sits down and crys
All of his thoughts still fresh in his mind
never again will his little girl breathe
Why did god take her from me


Shes gone and
Hes making plans
He didnt want
to have to plan
He should be first
To be taken away
Trade her life for mine
as screams in pain


When all life is
a memory of this
Why suffer forever
When theres no one to miss
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I liked this piece. It flowed well and the subject matter was very emotional. I almost cried when I read it. It is very starightforward, but it gets the point across nonetheless. Keep it up, dude.

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I like it... it flowed well and it was telling a good stroy of love and pain in a family.. the first verse was the best IMO..

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