hey guys,

I was wondering if some of you could help me get a book that would just be a reference to the different scales and sort of a guide (like how to connect different scales and such). I've been looking on Amazon.com (I'll get the book from there), and I have seen a ton, so I'm going to need your advice to sort out the good from the bad. Help would be very much appreciated!
the heavy guitar bible.... read it like a story you ll hate it the first week, but by week 2 you ll think you are the ****.. it will seriously pay for itself for how much time you ll enjoy reading it and praticing it. You ll eventually have fun playing the scales and improvising on the spot. you ll learn the whole fretboard too. Im still shocked by how good this book is..
Well, I looked through that book today, and it seems like it is too easy for me. I'm not really a beginner to guitar...I knew most of the stuff in that book; but I do need help with scales. That book just seemed partly dedicated to scales, while I'd want one just about scales - different scales, connecting scales, and such. That is the stuff I'm having trouble with.
THE GUITAR GRIMOIRE its the best book ever well in my opinion it helps me alot it has over 6,000 scales
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+1 to the Guitar Grimoire. Most helpful reference book I've ever picked up. Ever. So... many... scales... definitely worth your money.
Is it just a book of scales and modes or does it go into detail about what to play them with, how to connect them, etc?