Poll: Which makes the best fretboard?
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7 17%
17 40%
14 33%
4 10%
Voters: 42.
I like Ash the best
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my friend makes custom necks, he made one out of ash and I played a guitar with a neck with an ash fretboard on it and it was fine. I love it.
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I saw Pantera live once, Dime changed into a body bag right there on stage.

It's all about Maple man.
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Rosewood FTW. I like un-finished maple, but that doesn't come often, and varnished ones are all sticky and bad to me. I have an ebony neck acoustic, but sometimes it feels a bit dull and scratchy. Rosewood is my favourite.
I have an ebony board on my ESP, and the notes simply ring on that baby. For humbuckers though, rosewood, to keep the tone even.
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WTF is wrong with you ppl??? EBONY FTW
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If you want enhanced low end, Ebony.
For a warm mid-range, Rosewood.
For enhanced highs, (No, not drug highs. Doofuses.) MAPLE!!!!!
It also depends on what kind of guitar it is, and what you wanna play with it.
Look up "guitar tone woods" in google or something. Learn what woods do what, and then you'll understand better. I like maple and rosewood, but I haven't heard ebony yet. I'm currently building a guitar with an ebony fretboard, so that's about to change. It'll be a while, since it's an acoustic guitar...
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one of my acustics has ebony, i dont know whats on my electric lol. someone said its rose wood but i dont actually know. one of my other acustics sucks though. i have no idea what it is. it just looks like regular wood and its hard to slide. but that guitar has character let me tell you.
maple or ebony (preferably ebony) for electrics, Rosewood for accoustics.
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