So somewhere i heard of carvin amps.I was thinking of getting this
Is that a good amp?I dont need a tube becuase its for my bedroom, i am nowhere near good enough to be in aband yet.The tones im looking for are
Papa roach,trivium,metallica,alterbridge,shadows fall.Can that amp achieve those sounds? If i needed anypedals i wouldnt mind.
looks good for an SS, but i can only comment on the tube carvins
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carvins are generally good amps, though i don't have any experience with the solid state ones.
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What's your price range exactly? Just from the music you listen to, it seems like you might want a Master Tube or a V3.
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For the SX, I have no experience. I hear they're built damn solid though, don't know much on tone though.

I trust Carvin though, you're probably getting a great value just considering it's Carvin.

What is your price range anyway?