this is all i got so far.. i need help on verse two but tell me wat u think so far
Verse one:
Your nose is so high that if it rains you'll drown.
uptight over little things.
Up all night over stupid things.
You worry about your kids too much!!

Just relax,unwind you need to listen to me.
your to stuck up,and if you dont change thts all that you'll ever be.
Your a walkin victom of life!!
I particularly liked the first line of the verse. I enjoyed the lighted-hearted tone of this song. After reading so many depressing songs (mine included), this is a breath of fresh air. As a suggestion for the second verse, you could talk about how the person was not always uptight and that she used to be fun-loving and a party girl and the narrator is trying to tell her this. In fact you could have the narrator be her husband.

Crit mine please

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