Hey guys, just got my first acoustic guitar (Washburn D10S) and I'm loving it Just have one question... how would I go about adjusting the action on it? It's a lot higher than I want it to be and it makes playing some things a lot more difficiult than it should be.
Usually acoustics don't have adjustable bridges. If it is adjustable, should be just like an electric. You might have your truss rod adjusted wrong, that might help.
you can adjust the action by the white saddle within the bridge. Take it out and file it down or buy a thinner one. Make sure you file it even tho!
you have to sand down the bridge abit but be careful if you sand it too much your ****ed, i suppose you could always buy a new one tho


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yeah, on my old crappy generic acoustic, i just filed it down.
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How easy is it to remove the saddle from the bridge? Havent tried it before!
It should come out very easy mate.

But if I were you I'd give it to a luthier or a shop and ask them to sort it out. They'll give the truss rod any tweaks it may need and set up the intonation at the same time.