is the a certain way i have to pluck the chords in the beginning (at :38 seconds and :41 seconds)

it sounds all crazy...lol i dont know how else to say it


D--10 chord

and the

A--12 chord

im using a digitech death metal pedal....any suggestions of how to make that sound??
well theyre power chords btw just strum them if your using a pick if youre using your fingers just rake it with your fingers
you may wanna look into getting a bass overdrive or distortion pedal although i know cliff youed a morely power wah and an electro harmonix big muff
ya...usually i would play it wit my figures...wen i get to the chords, i strum with my thumb. but do u know how i get get that sound he gets??? cuz wenever i do it..it sounds like just a chord that has distortion..
oooo ok...i'll try that..thanks man

o and also thanks for the sweet video of rob....i really wanted to kno how he was. cuz he wasnt recorded on the st. anger cd (he came after it was made) and i heard that hes incredible..
Strum it with your nails. Plus I'm near positive he's using a wah and distortion.
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The sound you speak of is kicking down the wah pedal when you hit the chord. The real pain in the ass is getting the PWB to return to the really good tone for the regular parts. I used to use beer caps to keep the pedal from going completely back, then I broke the pedal.

Personally i down stroke those notes with my finger nails and give my wah a good stomp, but thats just me...

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For that awesome growl: have mids turned up nice, rake the chords REAL hard, preferably near the bridge, and open the wah to full, its very much a feel thing, you can tell when he played that he was just IN the zone, and you have to be to.
I just play chords hard using my finger nail (finger player) with harsh distotion and, use wah as you strike the chord.
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yea it is a lot to do with cliffs wah. man i loved his tone is bloody awesome, like in their actual songs sometimes you hear him wailing in the background ( i think maybe one of the songs off of ride the lighting or master of pupperts)
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