My friend is getting a new guitar with his birthday money. He is planning on getting a BC Rich Evil Edge mockingbird . The thing is, its not his style at all, he plays blues, classic rock and some 80s metal. I am trying to convince him not to get it, and instead get a standard strat. He really wants a strat too, but likes the BC Rich. He has a fender hot rod deluxe and he wont give me any reason why he wants the guitar. Are these any good? If not, what is so bad about them. He said that the strat wont be able to play metal, but I pointed out that the BC rich probably wont be able to play blues and rock as good as a strat. Thanks
I find it harder to palm mute with strats, thats why I play guitars with higher bridges for metal, and my strat for cleans and lighter overdriven stuff and blues. If he doesnt play alot of metal, then it would be weird playing blues on a mockingbird, but they're good guitars, its up to him.

tis a good guitar despite what people say against BC Rich but not for blues n classic rock.
It's probably because he thinks the Mockingbird looks more badass than a Strat. Nothing more than that. In short...

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your friend is a dumbass
The Mockingbird does look pretty kick ass.
I will show you something different from either
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you sound like a nagging little bitch. dont be a fag. let your friend get what he wants.
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The Mockingbird does look pretty kick ass.

yeah, I agree. The Mockingbird is the only B.C. Rich I don't detest.
The mockingbird evil edge is similar to the NJ series right?

Compare the specs between the evil edge and the NJ mockingbirds, if the evil edge is worse than the NJ, its not worth it. If they are roughly the same, it probably won't be a bad guitar.

But still, if he doesn't like playing 'nu-metal' stuff I wouldn't suggest the BC Rich...but thats me.
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Interesting question...
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your friend is a dumbass

what else is ther left to say....besides people only buy BC riches only sell because of there unique bodies and heads
your friend should definately go for the strat, everyone i know who bought bc rich's regret it because they aren't diverse at all. And if he doesn't want the strat that badly get him to go for something in between like an ibanez