Hey I was wondering if a jackson floyde rose would be the right floyde rose to buy. My teacher is an excellent shredder but he said it gave him a living hell. Any advice?

mines from 2001 and it has never given me problems, even when down-tuning and re-tuning.
Jackson's new 2006 Floyds are really Good and built right (unlike their 2005 models). Ibanez has been noted for have some of the best and they seem to hold up (Vai? Satriani?). An Orig. Floyd and Ibanez models are pretty close though. Go with what you can afford, but if your getting a Jackson, make sure it's the new versions.
Why would you want to buy a Jackson Floyd Rose, or you meant to say you want to buy a Jackson guitar with a Jackson LFR in it? It is said that they fixed their LFRs in 2006 (dunno how far the truth goes) but most low end ones will cause you tuning problems. The only great and cheapest solution is to substitute it with a Gotoh LFR which is just as good as an OFR as the cavity on those guitars are mainly of the OFR cavity.
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