Ok, I've been playing for a few months now and I'm looking for a new effect to pick up. I play metal, some prog, and well really anything around it. I'm probably looking towards some distortion of some kind but I'd like to know if there would be anything better getting than just a normal distortion pedal.
boss mt-2 metal zone
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If you like metal, the Boss MT-2 Metal Zone is pritty awesome and cheap.
After you get a good distortion effect, your next step would probably be to get some kind of chorus pedal (the Boss CE-5, Electro-Harmonix Small Clone, Electro-Harmonix Polychorus and Digitech X-Series Multi Chorus are all good choices). Since you play prog, investing in an ebow may also be a wise decision. And tremolo (Boss TR-2, Electro-Harmonix Pulsar or the MAGNIFICENT Boss PN-2) is a personal favorite of mine, though I'm coming from more of a indie-rock/hardcore standpoint. But since you've only been playing a few months, you really ought to concentrate on learning how to play well first. It's hard to learn your scales when you've got wild swooping echo sounds coming from your amplifier. But hope this helps.
Boss BD-2!
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Thanks for all the reconmendations...I've looked at them on musicians friend and I just realized it gives you samples of how they sound. Kudos to UMadeMeRealise for all the helpful info, and I really like the MT-2...that death metal pedal sounded cool too but I didn't like the fact there's no knob for gain on it..but then again, what makes it death metal? Thanks again for the help.
The models on the DF-7 aren't that great. Sure, it does lots of tones, but they're not done that well. If you don't mind that fine, but I'd recommend spending your money on one really good pedal.
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I got my Digitech metal master and it great for metal
for heavy distortion or a more hard rock tone its great
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metal zone
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EDIT: why not save up and get a better amp?
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EH metal muff
of the metal zone is insane i dont even play anything near metal and i bought one
and pick up a flanger if you wanna ppush it

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