Hey, My RG120 has been messing up. The pickup screws don't latch on to anything, and the volume knobs messed up. I've been told this is common on RG120's, but is there any way to fix it?
Not that i know of, happened to me on teh 120 170 and 270. Volume knob is just a short in the wiring though you can fix that.
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have the same guitar btw and nuthin bad has happened so far... "knocks on wood"
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if the screws aren't holding in the wood u could use some wood filler or put a smallpiece of a toothpick into the hole so the screw has somthing to grip onto
I wouldnt use a toothpick or a woodfiller if i were you, may damage the finish. You can try using Plumber's tape at 1st. As for the knobs, you can purchase new knobs at stewmac.com or anywhere. I think they use 500kOhm log.
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