someone mentioned it, and i was wondering what it is on bass. i already searched it but found nothing that said what it is.
uhh...playing really fast? you can't really sweep on a bass...but shredding is just the art of playing really, really fast, and making it sound good.
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Sweeping on a bass does not sound bad if you have good techninque and good tone. It is the same as guitar sweeping, with fewer strings
It is easier to sweep on bass. I know someone that literally said I wonder if I can do that and within 15 mintues was doing it clean and fast with his thumb.
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Have u watched that video?? its pretty self explanatory. Watch his right hand technique, thats sweep picking.
It's just like sweep picking on a guitar, but then on a bass. I believe Youtube.com has a few video's of Victor Wooten doing it.
Look for Victor Wooten, or Amazing Grace Bass or something. He does it somewhere in the intro. Pretty cool, although it sounds a bit muffled on a bass.
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Meaning: Keep playing till your fingers fall off, then glue em back on and play some more.
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Sweeping on a bass would probably sound like crap. Don't worry about it.

You're kidding right sweeping on bass is an amazing artform that sounds insanley good if done well. It would take some practice to get down a good technique but it is awesome.