Both of my little brothers (11 and 9) are asking me to show them some guitar things. I've got them both playing simple single string riffs and the like, but I'm having a hard time getting them to play in simple time, getting them to always do the picking motion right (aka not using entire arm), etc, and it's quite frustrating (I try as hard as I can not to get mad or anything, just because I don't want to mess them up or anything). Anyway, can anyone give me some advice to use from here on out? I'll probably only teach them until they know the basics, chords, powerchords, strumming, one or two scales, etc.

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it'll take some time for them to understand how to strum and pluck right. just keep showing them how to do it. and as for time if ur teching them and there playing, clap to keep time and every time theu get off, just stop and start from where they started to screw up.
Yeah, the clapping time really gets them in rhythm. I clapped a slow 4/4 and that messy jumble of notes became music. It was really a proud moment. I wonder if real teachers feel like this all the time
The most important thing at that age is to keep things fun for them. Try to get them to clap in time to music they like. Then you can start applying the timing to the guitar.
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