first off, i've got 4-12ax7, and 1-12at7 (in the second position), the 4 AX tubes have 2 little orange glowing lights in them. i've read here that this is normal. i did the tap-test and didn't get any sound. but the AT pre amp tube doesn't glow at all. is that normal?

also, i used to have a solid state amp (gk 250ml) and my delay pedal behaved very predictably with that amp. but now with this tube amp (in its overdrive channel) the thing is extremely sensitive. let me preface this all with the fact that i haven't turned it up above living room lvls. but the e-level knob is either off at zero, or dialing it clockwise turns on too loud with just the slightest turn of the knob. no subtlety. and i've only tried my wah pedal once and i know that's screwy too.

oh, and my power tubes 6L6 have the orange glowing lights, and a very faint blue glow to them also
...all tubes glow with an orange color. Its not lights in them, they just glow cause they get hot. They become blue when they are old and need to become replaced.
yeah, i just wanted to clarify that the entire tube wasn't glowing

answered my own question about the delay problems. put it in the effects loop. now what about the overdrive pedal in the effects loop?
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