the line 6 toneport ux1 and the sony acid recording software, is that all i need to do simple recordings?? besides a guitar and all that
yep that should get you going. you may wanna save up for the ux2, if youre set on getting a toneport. the next upgrade after that would be (if you have a nice amp) a microphone. a mic capturing the sound of your amp will sound better than the simulations in the toneport anyday. popular amplifier mics are Shure SM57's. i would also recommend the Sennheiser(?) e 609. the only thing is the 609 is specifically geared toward guitar amps, so it may be less versitile. the sm57 on the other hand can handle drums and vocals quite well. it is more of a universal mic that happens to do very well on guitar amps, while the 609 is a very good guitar amp mic that may not do so well on anything else. research before buying.

thanx a have a marshall half stack, but would i need to use it while recording or does the toneport do it all for you
ya the toneport will simulate an amp for you. it comes with some software, i think its called ampworks or something like that. simulators can be good, to a certain extent. eventually you'll want more "realism" to your guitar sounds. thats when its time to bust out a mic and capture the sound of that half stack that youre so proud of.

youve spent good money on that amp (unless you stole it lol) and now youre just gonna let it sit there? buy a mic, make that stack useful.

until then yes, you will be able to do everything with the toneport. probably some stuff you couldnt do with the marshall. especially if its an MG