Well, this is about the end of the world. And I've decided to repost this piece, for someone decided to report it because of the title(Name in the Works.)

Have We Met the End?

Have we a fait, yet for us to see?
Or shall we fall and notice our ignorance?
Our lives are left with you,
But can we trust your patience?

Have our lives really become fatal?
Or have we focused on the small things?
Have we lost what is real importance,
As we lead on this road to ruin?

The love for life itself develops,
Our own selfishness, our road to ruin
I found it ok... thats just it... Not great... but ok..

To me it didnt really have flow... just sounded like sentences put together, all putting across the same idea... which could be good... I say 5/10

crit for crit
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