Hey guys im new to this whole guitar thing but I just got a new guitar Fender Standard Strat with a Roland Mini Cube. Anyway as of right now im pretty bad and learning scales and trying to teach myself to play. I was wondering if anyone could suggest the order at which i should learn some things (chords, scales, theory, songs etc) or any programs, movies, books etc that could help me along my way.


Learn your open chords first. Em, E, Am, A, C, D, Dm, G if you're just starting out. It will give you a basic idea on playin your instrument.


You could also learn small little songs like "Marry had a little lamb" to give your fingers control on the fret board. Remember to start off slow and do not rush.

Learn Oasis's wonderwall or Greendays boulevard of broken dreams. Good Riddance is another good open chord song.

Good Luck man and I hope you have fun. Welcome to the exciting world of playing guitar.
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you got a fender strat as your first guitar? man, i got a crappy squier i wish i was rich!
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rich ass mutha.... i mean ya work on songs thru everything but inbetween that stuff work on chords and if u want a book recomendation...get Fretboard Logic...its the best book ive found on the market
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