Im so f*cking unoriginal with guitar, its starting to bring me down, i practice all day eeryday jsut about. ive been considering quitting because i dont have the money for a teacher and i suck. Does anybody have ideas on how to be more original with music? Ive been playing for almost 4 years.
Don't quite. I used to think that and I almost quite. Then I started to learn a crap load of theory and use techniques in wierd ways that I just sat around and thought up and now I've got a kind of style to my riffs that are all my own.
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Quote by theargus11
it depends what you mean by unoriginal

I mean that I jsut suck ass, everything I play sounds is almost exactly like something somebody has already written. I also CANNOT improvise for ****.
from experience i can say that the only way to get better at improvising, is to improvise more. pretty much every day i go up to my room and jam to my favorite songs or just to whats on the radio. if you know your scales down start to think of them as one big one and try to get out of just using one or to shapes. also, maybe try to create a signature tone. also, just try to have your own style of doing certain things. like hendrix would bend alot and make a lot of noises and such, SRV used alot of hammer ons, had his signature tone, and used alot of barring while soloing so it wouldnt be like one note at a time. clapton did really emotional solos using aolian type hammer ons to almost add a classical feel to parts of his solos, never went too fast. eddie van halen had his metal type stuff and his tapping pinch harmonics.

so once you get better at making things up on the spot, find out some certain ways you like to do things. clapton, srv and hedrix are my idols so i try to combine the three of them and add my own flavour to it. ive only been playing for 2 years so i still have a lot of time to develop a signature style. right now im trying to get a signature tone. its hard when you dont have money.
Well, if you've been playing for 4 years you're probably not too bad...stick with it. Don't quit.

Make sure you're keeping up with your scales. I assume you know them, having been playing for 4 years, but keep it up. Have you ever thought of turning on the radio or a simple song you like, and playing some pentatonics over that? It's fun. Try downloading some backing tracks from http://www.guitarbt.com and have some fun with that.

You need to make sure you have a reason to play as well. If you start losing interest, find a reason to play. Try songwriting. Write songs whenever you feel sad or happy or glad or lost or emo or whatever. Then, write a song. Who cares if its G/C/D chord progression? Just write a song.