We are both
Tired and worn
Marked for greatness by our
Lack of passion
A hidden agenda passed off
As resolve

Can I be a silent participent?
Or am I the tension
Between our interests?
You cannot answer me honestly
Only ask me to retreat
I pretend to agree

When we sit
Quietly, for a change
Eyeing each other in hopes
Of a chance to speak
I am reminded of why I left

Oh, it's sad how we are indentured
To an idea as unimportant as ourselves
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yeah i think the second stanza was the part i liked the best. but this was a really good, really well written song. easy to relate to and, yeah the flo was good, as mentioned. i dont have anything more to say. (one thing, you should consider making it a song, if you havent already, itd make a good song)

you dont owe me nothing but in case you want to take a look, i have a link to my new one in my sig.
Well It's a bit short but what you have isn't bad at all. It's intelligent and well thought out. I'm gona nick-pick, though. Most audiences like to hear the story of the heartbreak, but if you as a writer want it that way, what the writer says goes