so i just found out like right now that one of my frets is messed up. ill play it and it makes the note of the fret beside it. the one fret lower than it kind buzzes and loses sound as well. as far as i know, it wasnt like this before. so what hapened? did i wear down the fret? do i need to get it re-fretted, or should i just get a new neck. ive noticed some other frets are a little weird when i bend and string but nothing like this. ive had my guitar for about 2 years and i play it like everyday with alot of bends and virbrato. could this be why im wearing the frets down?

and if it comes down to it, what kind of neck should i get? can you put any kind on an electric, or should i find one for the same guitar?
Which fret is it? If it is arround the 12th fret, that is pretty common; just slight neck warpage. Take it in to a guitar shop, they should be able to at least recommend you somewhere to get it fixed. That is a pretty easy fix from what I've heard.
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no its higher than that. and its only when i use the d string on that fret. the rest are fine. its like on the 17th fret or something like that.
Go have it looked at. Could be the action is too high at the bridge, which could be from nut wear. Could be that part of a fret has popped loose. Take it to a GOOD repair shop, preferably somebody that knows alot about that particular brand.

Just don't fix it yourself. I've fixed my guitars myself, but then, I have some idea what the hell I'm doing. Here's rule #1. "If you don't know what the hell you're doing, DON'T SCREW WITH IT! It's better to pay $100 to have it fixed by a pro in the first place, than to pay $500 after you've screwed it up fiddling with it." That's my rule #1.
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yea ill get it looked at. im just so confused cuz it was fine when i put new strings on it. i had to rest the action and i made sure there was no buzzing or anything. and now this and im just confused. but yea i guess ill just get it looked at.