So After buying a couple of Judas Priest albums over the months/years I decided to come on the holy grail of forums that is UG, to discuss with fellow musicians and music lovers the awsomeness of JP. To my surprise after using the search button and going through about 7 pages I couldnt find a Judas Priest thread So I thought it was about time someone made one.

So to start I think we should get to know everyone who wishes to discuss on this thread. My first question is What Judas Priest albums do you own?

My answer: Killing Machine, British Steel, Screaming for Vengence, Defenders of the Faith and Painkiller.
Painkiller , Jugulator , Turbo , Angel Of retribution , Demolition , Rocka Rolla , british steel . < ALL amazing ..
I will buy all their albums to make a discography of JP..
My favorites are jugulator (heavy ,headbangy)
Painkiller of course and british steal.. I didnt like demolition at all.
I put a dollar in a change machine. Nothing changed.
I have all of Priests albums except Metal Works Metaology Box Set.
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well its good to see we have some fans who call UG home. I probably should have added which one is your favourite and which one is your least favourite.. if you think thats possible.

I think my favourite is Screaming For Vengence and Painkiller and my least favourite would have to be Turbo.
I said I already searched for it and couldnt find it. I searched for it again and the closest thing I could find is someone requesting a tab for a song. If you can show me this thread by all means I will use it but untill then...
I have everyone except for Sad Wings of Destiny and Turbo

By the way...i hope their concept album isn't gonna suck