ive been playing guitar for a while and id say im pretty good but i have never used any effect besides a cry baby i own and i need to no if i buy one of these multieffect pedals how i hook it up i no ur suppose to put it in the effects loop but i dont see one on the amp i wanna put it on its a guitar research 60 watt tube pre amp and it has jacks for send return foot and cd which one should i use cuz ive herd of ppl ruining there amps by stickin the rong **** in the rong place
please use some proper english.

if you use the multi for distortion, then in front of your amp is probably best sound wise. if you use it for flanging or phasing or some kind of modulation it would probably work best in your fx loop.

it would go fx Send-cable-pedal In-pedal Out-cable-fx Return

no one has like ever broken an amp by plugging in an fx loop wrong.
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fx send on your preamp goes to your fx box, fx return is the wet signal from your fx box back into you preamp.

Some of them sound better in front of the amp, and some sound better on the loop, it just depends on your specific setup. You should try it both ways, and the box you get will probably have settings for where you want to run it.
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