I was sitting here (a room away) from my amp, plugged in and trying to learn some bluesy stuff, and all of a sudden the sound went out. I found that now the only time the signal goes thru from my guitar to my amp is when im standing directly infront of it. as soon as i get a couple of inches away from it, the sound dies out. whats up with that?
nope, the cord is good, tryed it with another amp 3 mins ago with the same guitar, i guess it has something to do with my amp?
your amp died, it doesn't take a genious to figure that out!

...but seriously I have no idea.
Probably bad input/output jack, try nudging it a couple of times and see if the problem persist.
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Thats what she said...
mine gets more or less statically depending on what direction i face, wonder they put an antenna on my guitar......
May cause death if user is an idiot.
Fixed, i just got on the phone with my friend to ask him about it, and as soon as i hung up, it started working again, thanks for you guys' help though.