hey, dudes

i have a line 6 toneport ux2, but i ****ing hate the ableton that comes with it.

i want at LEAST 6 tracks to record on, and i want something where the drum machine isnt so ****ing complicated that i cant even use it.

i already have the toneport, and gearbox for the sounds. i just need the right software now.

what do you guys recommend? if its going to cost money, then how much? hopefully it wont though, my money needs to be saved up to chip in for a new PA system for the band.

also, while you guys are at it, ANY advice on recording, recording equipment, how to do it, what to do, setting up, ANYTHING about recording, please tell me,

i'm really starting to get serious with my band, so this could be some useful info.

audacity is a free recording program you can use. its not great, but it works well enough for the basics. the tracks dont always line up if you record them separately because of latency issues, but the slider tool can fix that. no drum machine, so it wont be there to confuse you all of the good software that has nice stuff and good drum machines is going to cost money unfortunatly. i like fruity loops for drums and mixing, but some people think its too complicated. but it is a good way to avoid the latency in audacity, as in you record in audacity and use the playlist with imported tracks to line everything up right.

give some info on what exactly you are recording and what gear you have other than the toneport and i or someone else will try to help you with some tips to get the best sound out of it.
i'm going to be using just my toneport, my guitar(of course), and i found a way to hook up a karaoke mic for poor quality vocals, but its better than nothing.

the only equipment i have for recording is my toneport and w/e the hell it comes with.

i'm saving up for a buncha mics, but we gotta get that PA system first

but whenever i tried using it, it tells me "error opening sound device, please check the input device settings and the project sample rate" and i have no clue how to fix that

if this way of recording sucks ass or w/e, then do you guys have another way that me and the band can do? anything is great, i'd appreciate it
well personally im a big fan of micing an amp, especially if you have a good amp. it just gives a nicer sound than going DI IMO. but if you dont have a nice mic, then running DI is probably better than using a karaoke mic on the amp. if you have a line out on your amp then i would suggest that for guitars. then for bass you probably want to just go DI anyway, so not having a mic wont hurt you at all. you have a mic for vocals, so the only thing i have to say for that is make sure you use a pop filter. you can make one out of a coat hanger and old panty hose (or something similar). i assume you wont be recording drums because you wanted to make them. which is good because one mic isnt going to get you far with drums.

as for why its giving that message, im not sure. if you have windows try going into the audio settings and changing the default recording device to the toneport. also do it in the program you are using, just to make sure everything lines up. as for sample rate, just set it to 44100Hz if its at something else. thats really as high as you need it because anything else is kinda just extra. go lower if you are getting a lot of latency, but 44100Hz is the standard.